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Original care

The original care is where we(our customers as well 🖤) caring about the other living beings on this planet. We plant seeds for trees, donate clothes to those who need them. We care for the planet by reducing plastic usage and opting to #gooriginal by shopping with sustainable, eco-friendly, and minimalistic fashion products. After you send us the clothes we categorise and decide whether to Renew or Donate. It is just the start, a small one but dreams do get big and better when we act together more. Let’s be Original.


 A key factor in changing our habits is redefining what “new” means. We all know the thrill and rush that comes from buying “new”, but what if we changed that to new to you. Thrifting, repurposing, stealing from your siblings, or renting are great ways to find this newness without the environmental damage. Remember, shopping is thrilling because it is a new experience for you, not because it’s fresh off the production line. Even if our need for new is high, one garment can meet the needs of many people.

The idea of sharing clothes makes a lot of sense. We share cars, homes, and a lot of natural resources around us with friends and families. If Natural/Non-renewal resources belong to all of us, we will use them as mutually beneficial. Sharing items to enhance their use and benefits everyone. If we cannot change our habits to align with environmental needs, everyone loses. Clothing rental cannot completely overturn the damage that has already been done, but it does address its root cause of overconsumption.

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